Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Commercial spaces see high foot traffic throughout the day. Traditional wood and stone flooring are quick to buckle under the strain, whilst being difficult and costly to maintain.

Businesses need high quality safety flooring that will withstand every step without wear and tear. Commercial Flooring Contracts are proud to offer vinyl flooring that is both durable and affordable, whilst also offering a stunning finish.


A Modern Safety Flooring Solution

In a commercial setting, it’s not just people moving across the floor. During everyday use, furniture, and equipment can end up leaving marks, tears, and cracks. These pose a serious trip hazard. Add in the risk of spills, and a workplace without non-slip flooring can become a tricky place to navigate.

But how can vinyl flooring help? Firstly, the durability of vinyl allows it to withstand every bump and scrape. As well as this, there are no rough edges and grooves to catch on feet and furniture thanks to the tiles’ seamless fit. The smooth surface makes vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain. Dirt and water brought in on muddy shoes won’t dull the floor for long.

But these aren’t the only reasons that vinyl is a smart safety flooring solution. Unlike traditional safety and non-slip flooring, vinyl products offer a range of attractive styles and patterns. Our amazing range of tiles include wood and stone effects, alongside an array of abstract patterns and bold colours.


Commercial Flooring Contracts: Bringing Luxury Vinyl Tiles to your Business

Combining durable materials with a stunning finish, vinyl tiles are the flooring of choice for a range of businesses. From the office and school, to the bar and restaurant, vinyl flooring will help everybody step with safety.

Whether facing a daily flow of work boots and trainers, or spills and stains, you can trust in our high-quality vinyl tiles to perform. Made for modern life, vinyl will help you cut down on maintenance costs whilst reaping the rewards of a beautiful interior.

If you are looking for safety flooring that doesn’t compromise on appearance, reach out to us today to learn more about our vinyl flooring range.