A Guide To Choosing Your New Office Carpet

Posted on September 28th, 2020   Categories Latest News

The process of selecting and fitting new office carpet flooring may seem like a fairly unimportant decision to some people. Here at Commercial Flooring Contracts, we believe that the right business carpet is key to improving the comfort of your employees and the smooth running of your business. Our guide to office carpet flooring will help you to make the right decision.

Choosing the best office carpet flooring

Smart and attractive

If the general style of your office is to stay the same, you will need to give some thought to the appearance and colour of the new business carpet. There are carpet tiles for sale to suit every type of setting. In addition, an attractive office will create a happier working environment. Colour is important in maintaining the look of the carpet. For example, deeper colours are generally less likely to show every mark or stain. Carpet tiles are a good choice if you want to combine different colour options. The fitting of tiles also gives you more flexibility when it comes to design. For example, they can easily be used to create walkways through a large office.

Easy to clean

Many companies offer carpet tiles for sale. However, choosing a reputable company like Commercial Flooring Contracts is advised. Commercial office carpet flooring is made differently to some domestic and budget carpets, and it is designed to be much easier to maintain. Office floors experience a lot more regular foot traffic than floors in the home. For that reason the fibres in commercial carpets are manufactured to be robust enough to withstand thorough cleaning on a daily basis. The most effective way to maintain office carpets is to use a commercial steam cleaner. Some businesses invest in their own machine, while others employ a service provider to carry out the work.

Tough and durable

There’s nothing more comforting than a soft, deep pile carpet in a sitting room or bedroom. However, offices are working environments and “soft & fluffy” should not be high on the list of priorities when choosing office carpet flooring. Offices can be busy places, with many workers wearing boots and heavy footwear. Business carpet should be tough and durable enough to withstand that kind of daily usage. That’s why commercial carpets are thicker, stronger and made to last. An advantage of using carpet tiles is that areas of high footfall can be replaced without having to re-carpet the entire office space.

Affordable quality

It is clearly important for businesses to save money where they can. However, paying less for a budget product is often not a good idea. Commercial carpets will give you the quality you need at a price that won’t stretch the budget. The initial outlay of carpeting a large office makes sense when you take into account the length of time a commercial carpet will last. The overall cost will depend on the area size and the type of carpet that you choose.

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