Raw or Refined: Is Finished Wood Always the Best Option for Floors?

Posted on October 3rd, 2017   Categories Latest News

Wood has long been a popular material for commercial environments. Many businesses in Chelmsford, particularly smaller shops and offices, choose wooden flooring because it is extremely durable. While it is a more expensive option than carpet or vinyl, high-quality wood can last as long as a century if cared for correctly.

There’s no doubt about whether it will stand the test of time, even under heavy foot traffic. The question is, what type of wood is the best match for a commercial setting? There are finished and unfinished varieties available in Chelmsford, and they both deliver a classic, timeless aesthetic. They come with different needs though, so it’s important to make the right choice.

This guide to the benefits of finished and unfinished wood will give you some helpful advice.

What Is Finished Wood Flooring?

The distinction between finished and unfinished wood is very simple. The material itself is no different in either case. In fact, both varieties can be produced from the same batch of timber. This is because finished (or ‘pre-finished’) floors are just regular wood with the addition of a special coating for appearance and protection.

Unfinished wood can have the same coating, but you have to apply it independently. This type of flooring is bought and delivered in a ‘raw’ condition. It is ready to be installed, but the boards have no varnish, oil, or wax layers. If you’re concerned about getting an exact colour match or you’ve got specific ideas about you want in terms of aesthetic, unfinished could be perfect.

Is Finished Wood a Superior Material?

It depends on your perspective. In terms of raw materials, finished wood doesn’t have any particular edge over unfinished timber. Quality is, of course, determined by a lot of different things, such as your choice of Chelmsford retailer, how much you’re willing to pay, and what kind of wood you prefer. The only difference is in the surface layer.

You could say that finished wood is the better choice, then, because it is more durable and hard wearing. Certainly, if you’re looking to renovate a high traffic business like a gym, playschool, office, or restaurant, finished wood provides ‘ready to go’ protection.

Is There Any Reason to Pick Unfinished Wood?

In the vast majority of cases, unfinished wood is later waxed, oiled, or varnished anyway. So, you’re just deciding to handle the process for yourself if you invest in this type of wooden flooring. It may be beneficial if getting an exact colour match between transitional spaces is very important for your business.

By applying your own finishes, you take control of what the flooring looks like. You can create custom colours and stains and create colour matches with furniture and others parts of the décor. It’s also worth noting that some wood varieties and grains are only available in an unfinished form. Ultimately, both types of flooring offer resilience, beauty, and strength.

Is Finished Wood More Expensive to Buy?

Yes, finished wood costs more than unfinished floorboards. Although, it’s important to consider the cost of applying your own finishes and stains. It’s a messy job, and you’ll need plenty of room. While homeowners can just about get away with taking extra time to do this, you may struggle in a commercial environment.

Buying finished means that you get a complete product. It can be installed right after delivery, and any disruption to daily routines is minimal. It only takes an afternoon for a whole room to be kitted out with brand new finished flooring. It’s worth thinking about this when it comes time to renovate the café, shop, or office.

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