5 Reasons Your Business Needs Paragon Carpets in 2017

Posted on August 7th, 2017   Categories Latest News

The way in which businesses select their flooring materials can be very different to the way homeowners do things. There is a much heavier focus on utility and function, particularly for companies which deal in direct customer contact. Retail stores, for example, are bound to need much tougher carpets, vinyl, or laminate than, say, office blocks.

It’s also worth remembering that any kind of disruption to regular routines can cost a business money. So, the choice of flooring material also has to be low maintenance and easy to install. This is one of the reasons why Paragon carpets are so popular with commercial buildings in Ipswich. These modular carpet tiles are stylish, affordable, and require minimal care.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Paragon carpets and why you should be going modular in 2017.

Very Easy to Install

The beauty of modular carpet tiles is that they offer all the comfort and style of regular carpet, but with significantly more convenience. For instance, because they are laid in many square sections, individual pieces can be removed and replaced.

This means that, when an area of the floor becomes soiled or damaged, it’s possible to lift it out for cleaning or a piece of new material. It saves the money and time, as traditional carpets need to be replaced in their entirety if they become irreparably damaged.


These days, sustainability is high on the agenda for all businesses. With Paragon carpets, you can reduce your environmental impact by creating less waste. Compared with traditional roll installations, modular tiles produce only 3% waste materials, which is a reduction of 9%.

This is a great reason for companies in Ipswich to go modular. If you’re not wasting material, you’re saving money too. When renovating large spaces like an office or a shop floor, the cost benefits can be substantial. So, remember that being kind to the environment does pay off.

More Design Choices

Paragon carpets offer an almost unlimited variety of design options. You can combine different colours, patterns, and textures. The ‘jigsaw’ like installation leaves plenty of room for custom designs and they’re great for incorporating walkways.

If you wanted to mark out a direct route through the building, for the benefit of visitors and clients, it would be easy as adding tiles of a different colour. Or, you could use this technique to create interesting border effects. In high traffic areas, disguise wear with striking patterns.

Super Durable

Finally, Paragon carpets are super durable and long lasting. While all carpet has an expiry date, you can expect yours to last for many years, even under heavy foot traffic. When sections do eventually become worn, just lift them out and replace with a new one.

Modular tiles are one of the cheapest options on the market for businesses, because they are built to be functional. Yes, they also look great, but the focus is on longevity. When you’re dealing with customers every day, you need floors which are going to stand the test of time.

Fewer Allergens

Most modular carpets come in low pile varieties and this makes them ideal for use in commercial environments. The lower the pile, the less chance there is for allergens and irritants to become trapped in the fibres.

Not only does this result in less dirt and grime, it ensures that the risk of allergic reactions is kept very low. It is an important feature in buildings which contain lots of people. Office blocks, cinemas, gyms, and other businesses are looking out for their customers with this option.

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