Why Combination Flooring Is the Hot New Design Trend for 2017

Posted on June 28th, 2017   Categories Latest News

With so much choice on offer, it can be tricky to pick the right flooring for your business. These days, materials like vinyl and laminate are every bit as durable as wood and ceramic. Plus, recent advancements mean that it’s now possible to create high quality replicas of the more expensive options.

So, no matter what your budget or your specific needs, there’s a broad variety of designs, styles, and materials available. In fact, the choices are so varied that many businesses in Chelmsford are getting a little creative and starting to invest in combination flooring. This is created by joining two different materials in a single area.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of combination flooring and how you can incorporate it in your workplace.

A Meeting of Rock and Paper

While entryways aren’t the only place where you can successfully combine flooring materials, this area does lend itself well to transitional designs. Even a fairly sharp contrast between two different styles is acceptable, because hallways, entrances, and porches are hubs of motion and movement.

You could, for example, create a striking aesthetic by installing stone and wood flooring side by side. If you opt for warm, rich coloured stone, it will mirror the tones in the wood and bring a sense of unity to what may seem like asynchronous materials. This type of aesthetic is becoming very popular with small businesses in Chelmsford.

Creating a Natural Pathway

Alternatively, if you have a very open plan workspace, you could use combination flooring as a visual aid. The best way to do this is to use high quality wood flooring as a base material. Then, lay lighter coloured tiles in a way which replicates the direction of traffic through the room. It is a simple trick but it works wonderfully in offices buildings.

You can, of course, reverse the colourings and use a lighter shade for the base material and darker coloured tiles as the overlay. This is a more dramatic look, however, and it probably needs to be balanced out with the addition of a single bright tone like green, orange, or yellow. Otherwise, the combination of dark and light can start to look a little monochromatic.

Two Grains Come Together

Combination flooring doesn’t have to involve two completely different materials. Wood flooring comes in a huge variety of styles and textures, so it’s easy to create a striking transition. The interplay of light and dark, rugged and refined, and curved and angular are all things to think about when shopping for the right products.

One suggestion is to create a beautiful lobby or entranceway by combining something like a herringbone pattern with a straight, traditional floorboard. You get to maintain that very rustic, natural aesthetic but you can still be creative and experiment with the configuration of the wood. Plus, there are some excellent providers of wood flooring in Chelmsford.

Rising To Meet New Challenges

One of the easiest places to introduce a material transition is around elevations. So, stairs are a great way to incorporate a second material, for example. You can either commit to an entirely new flooring option on the elevation or opt for a consistently contrasting aesthetic by switching between materials as the stairs get higher.

Wood and concrete can work surprisingly well together in this environment. If the colours are kept quite dark, the effect is one of crisp cool. Lacquered wood or tiles add a sense of contemporary chic to any workplace, but be sure to balance out that high shine with softer and more muted accessories. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between style and comfort.

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