Getting to Grips with Hardwood Floors: Which Type Is Best for Your Business?

Posted on April 28th, 2017   Categories Latest News

These days, most businesses prefer the use of hardwood over carpet. It is primarily because wood is much more hard wearing than fibrous materials. If you own high traffic premises, like a retail store or a real estate office, you are going to need a surface which stands up well under the pressure of passing feet.

As hardwood can last a very long time, it also offers superb value for money. Not only that, but it is hygienic, easy to clean, and it presents a smooth, level surface so that visitors do not trip or stumble. When shopping for wooden flooring in Colchester, remember that it comes in a wide variety of forms and picking carefully is important.

This guide to the most common types of hardwood floor will help you select the right product for your business.

Solid Wood

This is the most popular choice of wooden flooring in Colchester, particularly for business environments. It is constructed out of single sections of milled lumber, which means that it lends itself well to consistent sanding and refinishing. In other words, it is great in the long term. Solid lumber is very hardy and, if it becomes scratched or stained, it is just a matter of removing the damaged surface.

Engineered Wood

Unlike solid wood floors, engineered flooring is constructed from sections with multiple layers. While they cannot be refinished or sanded in the same way, they are very durable and sturdy. The addition of extra layers increases the strength of the material and helps to reduce unwanted shrinking and expanding.

Wide Plank Wood

This type of flooring looks just as you might imagine it. The planks are noticeably wider than standard hardwood products (usually five inches or more across). It is favoured for its aesthetic appeal because there are no real structural differences. Wide plank flooring is available in a wide variety of colours and grains, and it creates a very rustic, traditional look.

Scraped Wood

Scraped flooring is carefully contoured to preserve the natural aesthetic of the wood. So, the focus is on retaining structural imperfections, rather than creating a polished look. It tends to cost more than basic flooring because it takes more work to expose and embed the distinctive features of the grain. Scraped wooden flooring in Colchester is exquisite, and it must be maintained in the right way.

Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is similar to scraped wood, but that rustic, worn aesthetic is artificially produced. The planks are deliberately treated in a way which makes them look much older than they are. It means that this type of flooring can be a great alternative to the more expensive scraped wood products. It is still very hard wearing and looks great in a family home.

Floating Wood

Also known as ‘tongue and groove’ flooring, floating wood floors are designed to fit together without the need for adhesives or nails. They literally snap together with specially shaped ends much like a jigsaw puzzle. These products are very popular with businesses because the installation process is fast. If you need to replace the flooring in a store, office, or showroom, it can be done in the space of a single afternoon.

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