6 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Rubber Safety Flooring

Posted on April 11th, 2017   Categories Latest News

All businesses, whether they are retail stores, gymnasiums, swimming centres, or office blocks, must uphold certain responsibilities. One of the most important is keeping everybody onsite safe and free of preventable hazards. Crucially, it is a bigger job for some companies than others. For instance, high street shops deal with hundreds of customers every day.

Office buildings contain dangers too, but employees are trained to avoid them, so the risk is manageable. On the other hand, even without dealing with the general public, industrial settings are substantially more dangerous. In all of these settings, however, rubber flooring is an effective way to prevent nasty slips, trips, and falls.

It provides other benefits too, such as a hard wearing exterior and a supportive surface for upright workers. Keep reading to find out why rubber safety flooring in Sudbury is the right choice for your business.


Rubber is a highly useful material when it comes to grip and strength. When laid on a flat, even surface, it creates a seal and becomes tough to move, even if it has not been stuck down with adhesives. It makes it a popular choice of safety flooring in Bury St Edmunds, particularly in warehouses, factories, hospitals, gyms, and play centres.

Water Drainage

The material works so well in gyms and sports centres because it lets water drain through. It is why you will commonly find rubber mats and floors in public showers. The liquid passes through, but there is no danger of tripping or slipping because the upper surface of the floor is still firm.

Springy Surface

The supportiveness of rubber flooring is one advantage which tends to get overlooked. However, if you have a whole team of employees, all working on their feet, rubber can provide some much-needed springiness. It is soft underfoot, unlike wood or concrete. Consequently, it is gentler on the knees and kinder to those who spend long hours standing.

Impact Absorbent

If all of this were not enough, rubber is also one of the best types of safety flooring in Sudbury for impact resistance. If a person falls from a substantial height and hits a rubber floor, the blow will be much smaller than if they had hit wood, concrete, or vinyl. If you run a business which deals with large numbers of the general public, it is a good idea to consider rubber.

Impact Protection

The benefits work the other way too. If for example, you own a gym and it contains hefty equipment, a robust floor is needed to protect the base materials from cracking. Rubber is the finest option, as it provides that springiness and impact resistance. So, if you were to drop a heavy dumbbell from a height onto a rubber floor, it would not crack like vinyl.

Easy to Maintain

Finally, rubber is wonderfully easy to maintain. It makes an excellent drainage system for water, but the right anti-slip flooring will also be waterproof. Liquid spills and messes will sit on the surface, rather than soak through and cause stains. You can simply wipe rubber clean with a damp mop or cloth. For this reason, it is ideal for use in nurseries and playgroups.

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