Why Commercial Carpet Tiles Are the Perfect Flooring Choice for Basements

Posted on January 24th, 2017   Categories Latest News

For small businesses, floor space is everything. When operating at maximum efficiency, it is important to use all resources. Extra room comes at a premium, so subterranean spaces like the basement can be invaluable. For years, homeowners have recognised the benefits of basement conversions and businesses are starting to catch up.

Whether you’re planning to use yours as an additional office, a stockroom, or a storage unit, it needs to be clean and dry. It also needs to be comfortable, particularly if employees are going to be spending a significant amount of time there. High quality flooring is a big part of this, because it traps in heat, provides support for the feet, and creates a striking aesthetic.

This guide to the benefits of using commercial carpet tiles in your basement will help you decide if it is the right choice.

Tough, Heavy Duty Materials

The difference between domestic and commercial carpet tiles is that the latter are designed to be incredibly tough. For instance, Paragon carpets in Sudbury can be used in all kinds of environments; from offices to clinics, shop floors, and industrial warehouses. These heavy duty tiles can withstand high foot traffic, moisture, mold, and mildew. When used in basements, they should have a sturdy backing, which is impervious to damp and cold.

Easy to Maintain

In the unlikely event that the flooring does get wet, commercial carpet tiles can be quickly lifted and removed. Many varieties can then be completely dried and replaced because the tough fibres won’t degrade or weaken under pressure. In fact, if you opt for high quality Paragon carpets in Sudbury which don’t require adhesive, you can lift and pressure wash individual tiles to maintain cleanliness.

Fast Installation

Carpet tiles are much easier to install than standard roll carpeting. This is true whether you’re decorating a basement or a product showroom. They produce less waste because they can be cut and shaped to fit awkwardly sized spaces. Maintenance costs are always low because damage to one part (or even several) of the carpet doesn’t require removal and repair of the whole floor.

Attractive Colours and Designs

If you’re hoping to transform a basement into any kind of workspace, it needs to be enjoyable to spend time in. Physical comfort is largely determined by how soft flooring is on the feet and how warm it keeps the room. However, aesthetic is important too, because good design has a direct impact on productivity. Commercial carpet tiles come in a huge variety of colours and designs, so you can pick the ones which complement your brand, values, or office culture.

Cost Effective

By working with a commercial flooring supplier, your business has a better chance of securing a great deal. You may also be able to cut the cost of installation, as many commercial providers offer very attractive rates to leisure spaces, warehouses, retail stores, offices, civil buildings, and more. There are long term benefits to opting for carpet tiles; they last longer, can be repaired at minimum cost, and they offer a cost effective way to marry heavy duty materials and striking, contemporary designs.

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