The 4 Step Guide to Removing Sticky Stains from Office Wood Flooring

Posted on November 18th, 2016   Categories Latest News

If you’ve already got wooden flooring in your office or small business, you’ll know how beautiful it can look. The rich, warm colour of the surface, the swirl of the grain, that feeling of solidity beneath your feet; it’s all a part of enjoying this wonderful material. There are all kinds of great benefits to choosing wood over carpeting, tile, or laminate. For instance, it is not porous, so it is easier to keep clean and maintain.

It is also much more durable and has the capacity to last decades if treated right. It is a superior choice for commercial sites, as it is kind to allergy sufferers and very hard wearing. It can withstand a lot of heavy foot traffic. On the other hand, what happens when your office floor inevitably picks up sticky marks and stains? Can they be easily removed without harming the integrity of its surface?

The good news is that wooden floors are very simple to maintain. This quick four step guide will show you how to remove sticky marks and stains in minutes.

Step One: Try Manual Remove First

If you’ve recently invested in wooden flooring in Chelmsford – or you’re considering it – it is a good idea to know how to deal with sticky stains like chewing gum, tape, juice, glue tea, coffee, and other things. First, try to remove as much of the substance as you can with your fingers. So, if it’s tape, for example, carefully lift as much material away as you can. Avoid scratching and scraping at the surface with your nails.

Step Two: Add Some Heat and Steam

Next, boil a kettle and pour some hot water into a jug or teacup. Lay two folded towels over the stain and slowly pour the water on top. You are aiming to warm up the sticky substance so that it is easier to wipe clean. However, you don’t want to be pouring boiling water directly onto the surface of the wood. Let it gradually soak through the towel and warm the floor.

Step Three: Remove Towels and Wipe Clean

The sticky substance should now be pliable and soft. Take a cloth and wipe the floor clean. It is really important that you don’t just dive straight in when you spot a stain and assume that scouring and applying pressure is the best method. If you want to keep the surface of the wood looking tip top, you need to treat it with care. For things like gum, extra special caution is advised. You can use a knife or paint scraper to try and lever it away, but be gentle.

Step Four: Add a Little Polish for Shine

If the stain has left a mark on the floor, this can be easily covered with the addition of a little wood polish. If you are yet to buy your beautiful wooden flooring in Chelmsford, ask questions about routine care when shopping. The best vendors will be able to give you advice on what polish to use, how to apply it, and what advantages it has for the material. If you only need to tend to a small patch, you can do it by hand. Just make sure that you spread evenly, don’t add too much polish, and create a smooth, blended join with the rest of the wood.

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