Top Tips for Successful Carpet Tile Installation

Posted on September 28th, 2016   Categories Latest News

There is an important reason why so many homeowners choose to lay heuga carpet tiles in their living spaces. This is one of the few flooring options which you do not have to have any experience to install successfully. It is extremely easy to position and secure, cheap to buy in bulk, and it is available in a huge variety of different styles and colours.
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If you are keen to try your hand at laying carpet tiles without expert help, you will need to keep a few important lessons in mind. This guide to avoiding common errors and making sure that your floor looks flawless is a great way to learn the basics.

Think About Acclimatisation

It might come as a surprise, but flooring needs time to acclimatise to the environment in which it is being installed – carpet tiles, especially, have a habit of expanding and contracting as the temperature in a room fluctuates. To tackle this and make sure that your heuga carpet tiles enjoy a perfect fit, lay the individual pieces out as you plan to install them, but leave them unsecured for a period of twenty four hours. This should be enough to prevent tiny changes in size which may seem small at first, but can really mess up your installation.

Prepping the Floor

This is something that will be dependent on the property; you may not have to carry out much preparation if the floors are already completely level and straight. If they are not, however – if they slope or dip in any way – it could negatively affect the integrity of the new floor. To prevent this, level out dips and peaks with a self-levelling compound.

Covering Old Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of using heuga carpet tiles is that they can be laid directly over the top of almost any kind of existing flooring – just so long as it is a hard surface. So, the only flooring which you cannot really lay carpet tile over the top of is more carpeting. The soft textures will create air pockets between the layers and the tiles will move around under your feet. If you are on the hunt for top quality flooring in Heckmondwike, why not try installing carpet tiles over previously cold or dusty tiles?

Always Follow the Pattern

With carpet tile, the possibilities are endless. You can lay it in a whole variety of different ways and styles. If you like, you can lay it with a quarter turn pattern within the design. To make sure that it works, however, you need to pick your pattern and stick with it. The vast majority of carpet tiles now come with little arrows on the bottom to help installers keep the right direction. Of course, if you do run into problems or you feel like installing is too big a job for you, there is always the option to call in an expert.

Keeping Even with a Roller

If you plan to use glue to secure your carpet tiles, you will also need a sturdy roller (weighing around 100lbs, if possible). This is what you will need to pass firmly over the carpet once it has been installed, so that any bumps, lumps, and pockets of air are firmly flattened. If you do not do this, you are likely to be left with raised patches of carpet where the glue has come loose from the floor – to avoid having to relay the tiles, give them a once over with a roller.