4 Steps to a Flawless Wood Floor for Your Business

Posted on April 7th, 2016   Categories Latest News

There are lots of reasons why wooden floors are such a common sight in modern workplaces. For one thing, they are extremely easy to maintain. Even in areas of very high traffic, wooden flooring stands up to the pressure of near constant movement and stays strong. It is simple to clean and requires only a small amount of care (polishing or a protective treatment).
It is also very affordable these days. It might still be a little pricier than carpet, but the cost of wooden flooring in Essex has never been more agreeable than it is right now. And the extra expense is always worthwhile, because wood floors last a lot longer than carpets. The average carpet has a lifespan of around ten years, but a high quality wood floor can last decades.
When you come to us for wooden flooring in Essex, we will work through the following four steps. They are designed to make sure that you get the best possible product for your business.

Step One: Assess the Original Floor for Damage

It is generally a better idea, when investing in a new commercial floor, to entirely replace the old and tired one. However, businesses on a budget can think about rescuing or preserving sections of the original floor. This will only be possible if the original wood is still healthy.
Ultimately, any repairs are just going to age faster than the untouched sections, so it is always better value in the long run to go for a full replacement. Nonetheless, our installers will be happy to assess and review the condition of the original floor.

Step Two: Preparing the Site for the New Floor

Once you have picked high quality wooden flooring in Essex and you are clear how you want it to be installed, the next step is to prepare the site. This is important, because a wood floor cannot be properly laid on a dirty or cluttered surface.
The floor will need to be thoroughly swept and cleared of debris and contaminants. Whether or not you handle this independently will depend on how much of the installation you wish to hand over to a third party. With comprehensive installation services, you don’t have to worry about a thing; the preparation is done by an expert team.

Step Three: Installation and Sanding

Working with our installers will cause only a very minimal amount of disruption to the everyday operation of the business. This is because we use sophisticated dust extraction tools and equipment, in order to make sure that fumes and irritants from the wood do not make it into the air.
The sanding process involves refining the wood flooring, right up until the point at which the required finished is achieved. The aim is to create a flawlessly smooth surface, so that the wood can be coloured, treated, and sealed. You need to work with a high quality installer, because this is a vital part of making your commercial flooring look fantastic.

Step Four: Refinishing and Staining

The final stage is to refinish the wood. It can then be stained, sealed, and polished. It will be up to you to decide what kind of stain you want, so think carefully about the look that you are trying to achieve. Your commercial flooring in Essex needs to be compatible with the rest of the business.
As for sealants, you need something that will stand up to lots of foot traffic, be water resistant, and easy to keep clean. If you are not sure about these options, we are happy to offer you some recommendations. All you have to do is ask us, this is your investment, so make the most of it, we’re more than happy to help.