Commercial Flooring for Kids: The Best Options

Posted on January 25th, 2016   Categories Latest News

Learning to walk

There are few places where the choice of flooring matters more than in a nursery, school, or play centre. In fact, anywhere which accommodates large numbers of children, at any one time, has to be very carefully designed. This applies to the walls, the floors, the furniture – anything which a child might come into contact with.

The reasons why should be immediately clear, because young kids are rarely very steady on their feet. They run around, they pretend to be airplanes, they push each over, and they inevitably fall down. Yet, with the right kind of flooring, injury can be greatly minimised and the lesson learned a valuable one, rather than one which ends in tears. This guide to the best flooring options for kids will help you to decide what kind of commercial flooring in Essex is most suitable for your workplace.

Vinyl Sheets

If you are on the hunt for commercial flooring in Essex – for a play centre, kindergarten, or school – it could be useful to consider super strong vinyl sheet flooring. It is a great option, because it resists pretty much all manner of stains. It is low maintenance, easy to keep clean, and can be quickly disinfected using standard cleaning products; these will not damage the exterior surface either. Plus, vinyl flooring can be installed over the top of materials like cork and rubber to create a soft and springy environment.

Natural Linoleum

Or, you could think about investing in natural linoleum flooring. It resembles vinyl in many of its characteristics (stain resistant, super durable, easy to clean), but it is a more popular choice with playschools. This is because some forms of vinyl emit low level toxins, but lino does not. If you are concerned about irritants or allergies, natural lino is probably a better choice. However, it does need sealing with acrylic if it is to build up a stain resistant exterior.


The benefits of carpets, for all kinds of businesses and workplaces, have been much extolled. If you are looking to buy commercial flooring in Essex, but you want to keep costs low and installation expenses to a minimum, carpet could be right for you. It is the softest of all flooring materials, so it offers a great deal of protection in terms of trips and falls. For toddlers and very young children, who are only just starting to become mobile, it is pleasing to the touch, gentle on skin, and accommodating of trucks, cars, dolls, jigsaws, and construction blocks. The major downside to installing carpets around children is the fact that they stain very easily.


Now, hardwood flooring can be a valuable choice in commercial spaces, but it tends to be used only around older children, teenagers, and adults. This is simply because it does not offer the same softness and gentle landing surface as carpet or vinyl. However, it is easy to maintain, fairly simple to install, and provides a sense of stability and familiarity which older children are likely to find comforting. Plus, it can be stained, varnished, coloured, and more; as the surface of hardwood floors wear, they do not necessarily become less visually appealing.

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