Vinyl Plank Flooring; the Hottest Apartment Trend for 2016

Posted on December 30th, 2015   Categories Latest News

For large scale property developers and commercial landlords, turning a profit is all about finding a way to offer safety and quality for an unbeatable price. As the satisfaction and security of tenants must always be the top priority, savings have to be made in great investments. This can mean getting a superb deal on kitchen fixtures, upcycling second hand furniture, or simply negotiating a knockout price on construction materials.
The surge in popularity of vinyl plank flooring is a good example of this kind of savvy investment. Over the last twelve months, the number of apartments being let with vinyl floors has soared and more and more landlords are now turning to vinyl over carpet. There are several different reasons for this, but the most prominent is price. These days, vinyl flooring in Chelmsford is not much more expensive than carpets, but it lasts around 5-8 years longer.
This guide to vinyl plank flooring will show you exactly why the material is fast becoming the hottest trend around for rented apartments and commercial spaces.
No More Old Fashioned Designs
There was a time when vinyl flooring fell out of favour with the young and style conscious. It was thought of as a material reserved for old fashioned kitchens and the houses of grandparents – there is a whole generation of people living with the memories of those eighties designs and garish patterns. These days, however, things have changed; most high end vinyl flooring has the look and feel of stone, wood, or ceramic tile. In fact, it is all but indistinguishable from the real deal.
Passing on the Savings to Tenants
That is, apart from the fact that it is a lot cheaper than genuine wood or stone flooring, of course. This opportunity to increase the visual appeal of apartments and small units, without the need for major investment, means that tenants can enjoy a top of the line rental environment at an affordable price. With state of the art vinyl flooring in Chelmsford, you can offer premium apartments at above mid-market rates. For developers and landlords who manage a lot of different properties, vinyl plank flooring is an unbeatable option.
Making the Most Out of Your Investment
It is such a valuable choice (for commercial spaces too) not only because it is affordable, but because it also offers great value for money. Whilst the average carpet lasts just 2-5 years, a properly fitted vinyl plank floor will last around 5-10 years, depending on the intensity of use. Once again, for landlords, this durability promises to make routine maintenance and care easier than ever. If a portion of the floor does become damaged or spoiled, there is no need to remove the whole thing (as with carpet) – you can simply replace the damaged section.
Taking Advantage of Modern Features
Finally, it is important to understand that flooring options (particularly hard materials) have experienced a great deal of development and innovation over the last decade. For example, this year, a number of high profile manufacturers released vinyl varieties which are 100% waterproof. In the next 2-3 years, this kind of product is expected to hit shelves worldwide and prove especially popular with commercial landlords. For the moment, tenants and businesses can benefit from the fact that vinyl plank flooring is great at both absorbing sound and retaining internal heat.